Analyst Baskets

As an extension of our top-quality research, Wolfe Research offers an extensive suite of thematic baskets. Wolfe’s analysts perform intensive research to better define themes within the market and find stocks to represent the beneficiaries/donors of these themes. Collaboration between our talented and dedicated research analysts is Wolfe’s secret sauce in maintaining a differentiated offering to our clients.

For more information on these tradable baskets and to request access to the Bloomberg dashboard, please contact your Wolfe salesperson or reach out to

Chris Senyek, Wolfe’s Chief Strategist, created and maintains several thematic long/short baskets designed to express a view on certain macro-related themes, including Tax & Policy, Shorts, Special Situations, SPACs, Supply Chain and Consumer, all topics that Chris regularly publishes on.

For more information, clients can review Chris’s Baskets tear sheet.

Thematic & Macro Baskets

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Macro Themes

Theme Description
Retrenchment Basket Stocks that are defensive and expected to outperform in the later innings of the U.S. market cycle.
Rebound Basket Stocks that are correlated with the early innings of a “Risk On” environment.
Non-Resi Basket Stocks leveraged to changes in non-residential construction activity.
Secular Growers Basket Collection of companies that have exhibited both consistent high LT sales and EPS growth. Rebalanced quarterly.
European Exposure Basket U.S. stocks with the highest exposures to Europe based on geographic segment disclosures. Rebalanced annually
Tax Loss Selling Stocks most exposed to tax loss selling (11/1 - 12/15).


Theme Description
High-End Retail Retailers leveraged to high-income consumer spending.
Low-End Retail Retailers leveraged to lower-income consumer spending.

Special Situations

Theme Description
13D Activist Basket Stocks currently or potentially undergoing activist involvement as evidenced by a 13D filing. Rebalanced weekly.
Spin-offs Basket Stocks recently trading on a stand-alone basis after being spun-off from a prior parent entity. Rebalanced monthly.
Asset Sales Stocks that have announced or recently completed a sale of a material component of their business, potentially as part of a larger simplification strategy / breakup plan. Rebalanced monthly.
Strategic Review Stocks that have announced the exploration of alternatives for potential sale or separation of segments of their business, operational changes, etc. Rebalanced weekly.
Post Spin Parent Co’s Stocks that have recently spun off a subsidiary into a separate publicly traded company. Rebalanced weekly


Theme Description
Recent IPOs Basket Stocks that have recently gone public via IPO. Rebalanced weekly.

Short Baskets

Theme Description
Value Traps This basket contains stocks that screen inexpensive, but meet at least four historical indicators of stock price underperformance. Rebalanced monthly
Serial Restructurers This basket is a different proxy for low earnings quality and captures companies with consistent and material restructuring charges over the past few years. Among our favorites for long term shorts. Rebalanced quarterly.
Short Hits List This basket contains companies appearing most frequently across our 15 individual monthly short screens. Rebalanced monthly.
Unprofitable Companies Money losing companies based on negative LTM / NTM operating earnings. Rebalanced monthly.
Wolfe Low Earnings Quality Contains stocks with lower accounting quality based on our proprietary EQ Model that scores companies on a 0-100 basis. Rebalanced quarterly.