Our Values

At Wolfe Research, we produce research that we believe is the most objective and distinguished in our sectors, and we deliver our services with intense care and specificity to each of our institutional clients. Wolfe Research does not try to be all things to all clients, but we do aim to be the best at everything we do.

Wolfe Research strives for excellence in every aspect of our business—research, service, mentorship, and growth. “Wolves” value integrity, hard work, determination, commitment, and the drive to be better. We are dedicated to social equity and Wolfe believes that diversity among people, including that of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, and all other unique characteristics that make us different, makes us stronger and our research more compelling.

Our employees have developed and continue to evolve our Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Wolfe Cares Outreach Program. These groups aim to improve and expand our internal culture while simultaneously examining and enhancing our impact on the greater community.

Highest quality research and service for our clients

Operating at all times with integrity and inclusiveness

We are thoughtful and collaborative – better as a pack than as individuals

Learning and growing with the best in the business