Wolfe Services

While equity research remains our firm’s main focus, Wolfe has expanded our offerings in an effort to provide the most value to our clients. Through our alliance with Nomura, Wolfe is able to offer access to Instinet’s independent, agency-model brokerage services to clients around the globe.

Our thematic baskets are an extension of our best-in-class research product. Wolfe’s analysts work collaboratively to define themes within the market and curate differentiated baskets of stocks that fit these themes.

Yin Luo, Wolfe’s Vice Chairman of QES Research, and his team have worked to bring clients access to unique data feeds, investable solutions, and risk solutions.

Execution Services

Wolfe Research, LLC and Nomura Group’s Strategic Alliance provides institutional and corporate clients with a suite of industry-leading capabilities that leverage the award-winning strengths of both firms. The Strategic Alliance with Nomura provides clients with access to a full suite of execution services as well as options and derivatives execution capabilities.

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Analyst Baskets

As an extension of our top-quality research, Wolfe Research offers an extensive suite of thematic baskets. Wolfe’s analysts perform intensive research to better define themes within the market and find stocks to represent the beneficiaries/donors of these themes.

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QES Data Feeds

Yin Luo and the Top-Ranked QES team have spent the last 25+ years developing numerous data feeds that are based on our vast factor libraries. Unlike most conventional quantitative techniques, our models deliver superior alpha even in a highly concentrated portfolio.

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QES Investable Strategies

To demonstrate the realistic alpha of the QES team’s strategies, we introduced the investable versions of our sophisticated quantitative models. We take some of our high conviction models and overlay them with our proprietary risk models and portfolio construction tools to show the performance of investable products.

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QES Risk Solutions

The QES Risk Solutions team sources the broader QES team’s deep expertise in signal construction via their factor library to power its proprietary risk model engine, attribution library, portfolio optimizer, and hedge frameworks.

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