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Custom Models

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Bill Carcache | Consumer Finance

Co-Brand & Private Label Partner List Spreadsheet that tracks co-brand & private label credit card partners. This includes data on company, issuer, announcement / renewal data, expiration date, industry, and card type.
Deposit Beta Tracker Deposit Beta Tracker that includes historic data on company level CD, Money Market, and Online Savings Account interest rates as well as forecasts for the upcoming quarter.
Managed and Master Trust Analysis Historic data and analysis for card issuers loan growth, DQs, NCOs, and payment rate as well as other metrics.
Master Trust Data Historical master trust data for credit card issuers.
Mid-Cap Bank RC-O Data and Analysis Call Report Schedule RC-O data and analysis for Mid-Cap Banks which highlights bank average deposit account balances as well as deposit mix for deposits above or below $250k.
TLAC for Regionals Plug & Play Plug and play spreadsheet for assessing the impact of TLAC implementation on Regional Banks.